El Salvador

Youth Mission for Christ El Salvador was born in 2007. We start ministries in the universities in 2009 to recruit, train, and send young people all over the world together with local churches.

We are currently developing in many areas:
Church: the Great Mission to the Nations church from which this ministry was born was inaugurated in El Salvador on October 22, 2017, where the work we develop is personal, home and mass evangelism, working with the individual for the salvation of the same, and coming from families so that children, adolescents, youth, men and women can find real life in Christ Jesus. We have active ministries, Biblical School, where we serve children and adolescents, holding meetings on Sundays at 3 in the afternoon. On Wednesdays as a prayer service at 6:30 P.M. and Sundays at 10:00 A.M., our general meetings, reaching the purpose of being a church of Christ and leading many people to salvation, and we want to give mission vision to the churches of El Salvador for the fulfillment of the great commission.

Ministry of the Universities: we work with university students from different universities, initially imparting values ​​and principles based on the word of God, and thus we teach them to fulfill the great commission, recruiting, Training, and sending them as missionaries to the nations where needs the gospel of Jesus Christ even to the ends of the earth for the proclamation of the word of God. We develop different meetings throughout the week, doing semester programs. At the end of the semester, we used to take them to a retreat or camp and thus be able to show them the vision not only as a person but as a church, the church where they attend. Therefore we can take the gospel with a group of professionals, willing and passionate for souls and still fit for every good work.

Church visitation: we are interested in the churches becoming missional churches; that is why we go to different churches in El Salvador to provide various Training in evangelism, Bible school, intercession, missions, among others, and taking them to the school of the missionary vision and thus have a clearer vision of what God has commanded us to do according to His Word.

MCC: missionary training center, it is where we train the young people of the different churches that, in collaboration with the youth mission and together with the missionary vision, have decided to prepare for the sending. The Training is based on 3 points, character, theology and practice, and the most important, intimacy with God, so that they are integral and can be developed according to each country’s needs.

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