YMCI OF Guatemala.

As a mission mobilization ministry, we work in Guatemala to train, mobilize, and involve the Guatemalan church in the missionary work. With this, the church becomes a church with a global vision; we believe that Guatemala is now ready to be a mission platform, for which we must take advantage of two essential resources in the advancement of missionary work:
1) spiritual resource: Guatemala is one of the countries with the most significant evangelical Christians’ presence in the Latin American region, a little more than 50% of its population. More than 42,000 constituted evangelical churches.

2) Human resources: Guatemala has one of the youngest populations in Latin America. It is estimated that 75% of its population is under 40 years old, 51% of its population is under 18 years old, and 40% under 14 years.
That is why our main focus in the church’s work is to strengthen the youth and children’s ministries of the local church in Guatemala. We consider it the fundamental basis of the future church; many pastors and leaders neglect it.
The goal of strengthening these areas in the church is that this future generation is a seedbed of missionaries prepared for world missionary work. Through future generations, they can change society by forming genuine Christian character and a solid base of moral values.

For this, we are working in various areas within the local church of Guatemala:

1) Leadership training: the basis for a faithful and fruitful church is in leaders’ Training.
2) evangelism training: fundamental pillar in the growth and reach of the peoples.
3) youth training: youths are the church’s engine and strength to stay active and is the most excellent missionary resource.
4) Training for Sunday school teachers: If these teachers are well trained, they will effectively guide future generations.
5) Conferences in missions: through conference and missionary Training, we seek to challenge the church to fulfill the great commission and send missionaries to the nations.
6) Mission projects and fieldwork: as part of our spiritual development, we carry out missionary projects with the people we train to have a local missionary experience.
Future projects:
Opening our missionary training center: the lack of a missionary training center challenges us to be a training entity for all those God calls to missions.
At this time, we are raising a children’s project called.

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