YOUTH MISSION FOR CHRIST Honduras was born in Honduras in 1992. but God said to us to prepare missionaries to send them to the nations in 2003, so he prepared missionary candidates and sent them to preach the gospel in schools and universities as a training course. And we sent them to other countries in Central America. In the next step, we want to send missionaries from Central America to the nations.
We are a Christian ministry that works interdenominationally dedicated to evangelization, discipleship, mission mobilization ministry. And we train missionary candidates and send them as missionaries to the nations.

We work in these areas.

  • We are training them through the church ministries.
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership training and development
  • Evangelism Seminars
  • Vision schools for missions in the local churches.
  • Exchange of missionaries and do National and international missionary projects.
  • Training and sending missionaries.
  • We run a missionary training center for those who want to be trained and dedicate themselves to the ministry of missions. We currently have seven young missionary candidates admitted to the Missionary training center.

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