We are currently working in Pakistan, preparing pastors, ministers, and missionaries through Bible Institutes and missionary Training Center classes.
They are significant needs in Christian society and churches. We need more pastors and ministers to establish more churches to involve more Christians who are not involved in the churches.

Megaproject “Free from Slavery and Poverty” These children should study in schools, but they work in the brick kiln from 4-5 years old. More than 2 million children are working as children workers in brick kilns in Pakistan. We want to take up this task to resolve the slavery system in Pakistan.

We found out that there was a vast and challenging problem that we should touch in Pakistan society. About 3-4 million people are working at brick kilns as slaves (most of them are Christians) in Pakistan; they were enslaved and working without rights, and we have to do big complicated business for them.

Poor Pakistani Christian men and women in Punjab province are sold to brick factories owners when poor Christians have no place to lay down, faced with extreme poverty without any land and in Unemployment. Suppose they “receive some money for prepaid wages” to resolve their economic problems, it becomes an eternal shackle for the household and their families, And the entire family is caught in this shackle.

Entering these places, they have limits on the mobility that they could work in other sites. It also forces them to work in terrible conditions without negotiating power on minimum wages. They fall into a slave class with no protection to health, education, and other social securities.

I want to invite you as a partner in the Pakistani Slaves Emancipation program “free from slavery and poverty”. Through God’s grace, we can give Pakistani slaves robbed of happiness and freedom from debt bondage and slavery and live as a child of God with joy.

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